Executive Coaching

For organizations
I work with capable women in international environments, ranging from young women on the rise to professionals, managers, and seasoned executives.

Coaching collaborations typically commence with not only defining your goals, but also identifying your personal strengths, management style and preferences, as well as areas of potential. An individual assessment (DoLquest) is often utilized to accomplish this. I assist you in building upon and expanding those strengths and preferences, integrating them into your professional activities and career plans.

My coaching style has been described as supportive, action-oriented, and experience-based. As European Director of Finance & Administration for over a decade in several leading multinationals, I was able to encounter first-hand the challenges and rewards of being one of the only women in top management. This experience allows me to understand your situation quickly and help you identify the most appropriate road forward, from an empathetic and pragmatic perspective.

Whatever stage of your professional life you are in, I help you:

  • set and accomplish career goals
  • increase your self-knowledge, self-confidence and assertiveness
  • communicate authentically and negotiate constructively
  • assume leadership consciously while respecting your values in the process
  • network effectively and maneuver through company politics
  • find the right balance while juggling a career, self and family.

Executive coaching is often carried out in tandem with Leadership Development programs and Women’s Initiatives.

Coaching & facilitation languages: English, Italian and French.