Career Coaching & Training

For individuals
Career coaching, assessments and training are valuable at all phases of a woman’s career. Whether you know you’d like to make a change but are unsure about which direction to go, are currently in a professional role and want to make a move upwards, or simply would like to increase awareness of your strengths and boost self-confidence, I support you as you define and achieve your professional objectives
with purpose and assurance.

Whatever stage of your professional life you are in, I help you:

  • become more aware of your strengths and abilities, how to leverage them and promote yourself
  • gain clarity on your professional objectives, career strategy and consequent action plans
  • sharpen your communication skills, negotiation techniques and more
  • increase your confidence in the process.

Coaching & Assessments

Through a personalized combination of coaching, mentoring, advising, and individual assessments, I support you every way I can as you advance toward reaching professional fulfillment. Coaching only begins after it has been determined that there is a proper coach-coachee “fit”, through an initial, complimentary meeting. Packages are flexible and tailored to your needs in terms of duration, budget and method.

Workshops & Training

I facilitate a number of workshops and training courses specifically tailored to women. Themes range from the development of particular skills and marketing oneself assertively to general Leadership Development topics, all approached from a female perspective. Highly interactive and action-oriented, workshops and courses involve a combination of theory, practical exercises, role-playing, and real-life case studies. Each participant typically defines and commits to an appropriate personal development plan.

Varying from several hours to several days, courses are customizable to specific participant requirements.

A selection of courses offered

Coaching & facilitation languages: English, Italian and French.


Leadership and Assertiveness for Women: Affirm Yourself as a Leader (1-2 days)

An ever-increasing number of women are reaching high levels of professional success as managers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs. Defining the values of one’s authentic leadership style and knowing how to communicate with influence and effectiveness are fundamental factors of success in today’s highly competitive professional arena. This interactive course will allow you to gain awareness of your personal leadership style, develop your competency in assertive communication, and increase your efficiency in self-management.

  • Develop your leadership style: define personal values essential to you as a leader – maintain your integrity – position yourself as a leader – increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Communicate assertively: express your ideas and opinions, even if they are out of the box or unpopular – ask and negotiate effectively – communicate with respect and empathy – learn how to say no
  • Efficient self-management: better manage time and priorities for an improved work-life balance – control those inner voices and self-criticism – reduce feelings of guilt – accept and appreciate yourself

Highly personalized, the course’s specific focus is tailored to participants’ individual requirements and situations. An interactive approach to learning is applied, through practical exercises, role plays, case studies, etc. Each participant defines and commits to an appropriate personal development plan.


Developing Assertive Communication Skills (1/2 day)

Do you ever want to ask for something, but don’t, for fear of being refused? Have a point to make, a difference of opinion, but keep quiet to avoid conflict? Say Yes to requests when you mean No? Promise yourself too late that you won’t back down next time?

Developing assertive communication skills will help you reduce stress levels, enhance your self-esteem, improve relationships, and earn more respect for your ideas and opinions.

In this interactive workshop, you are provided the opportunity to learn and practice tried and true techniques of assertiveness. You will:

  • discover what assertiveness is and isn’t
  • identify your predominant communication style
  • learn how to effectively control your body language
  • lpractice how to confidently handle objections, differences of opinion and diversions.


Networking with Intent (1/2 day)

Networking can lead to many new opportunities – clients, professional openings, and social contacts, to name a few. However, simply showing up at a networking event won’t do the trick. You need to have meaningful and productive interactions. The process starts with identifying your objective, continues with providing an appropriate introduction of yourself, and is followed by having a purposeful conversation.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn new skills and techniques in order to become more effective at building relationships and achieving your objectives through networking. Over the course of the workshop you will:

  • identify your networking goals and become more at ease in striving to accomplish them, as opposed to “just talking”
  • define a short, interesting introduction of yourself, and deliver it naturally and with impact
  • acquire additional conversational tips and techniques
  • practice what you have learned through individual and group exercises