Women’s Initiatives

For Organizations
More and more organizations are realizing the economic and developmental benefits of implementing initiatives for women, ranging from conferences and mentoring programs to organized networking activities and structured groups of women in management.

I assist companies and associations in the design, implementation and monitoring of initiatives to support women in their professional development.

Consulting and coaching services include:

  • Structuring the program and laying the groundwork
  • Preparing and delivering related communication
  • Facilitating activities and ad-hoc workshops
  • Serving as liaison between the organization’s management and participants
  • Analysis and documentation of results achieved.

Women who participate in these initiatives gain reinforced skills, greater visibility, networking possibilities, career opportunities, access to a support system, increased well-being, and more.

Organizations benefit from many advantages, all having a positive economic and social impact. Advantages include the attraction and retention of talented women, a more skilled and engaged workforce, and demonstration of corporate social responsibility through a commitment to strengthening diversity.

I am also a partner in the Leadershe project. Leadershe was created out of the conviction that it is fundamental that women challenge themselves and strengthen their unique skills and talents which, when capitalized upon, generate significant personal, professional, corporate and social benefits. I work in partnership with the Leadershe team to provide organizations with wide-ranging programs on gender diversity issues.

Women’s Initiatives are often carried out in association with Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programs.

Coaching & facilitation languages: English, Italian and French.